Sunday, December 27, 2015

And the Winner Is...

+Keith G Nelson!  He wins 8 issues of The Manor and a copy of One Waiting One Prisoner One Sacrificed.  Congrats to Keith! 

And so concludes my Christmas giveaways.  Thank you to all those who participated.  On to the New Year. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

3 of 3 Christmas Giveaways

Here is my third and final giveaway in +Erik Tenkar's 12 Days of Christmas.  A little late, but well worth it I think.  I'm giving away all eight issues of my zine The Manor and I'm throwing in a copy of my One Waiting, One Prisoner, One Sacrificed.  All you need to do to enter is comment by telling me what the worst Christmas of all-time.  My worst present was the year I received Tylenol, Tums and Aspercream in my stocking.  That was the year I knew I was old.

Friday, December 25, 2015

And the WINNER is...

+Jason GURPS!  He wins a random batch of micro-adventures and micro-locations. 

Tomorrow I'll announce my final giveaway.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2 of 3 Christmas GIveaways

My second give participating in +Erik Tenkar's 12 Days of Christmas, is a crap load of random micro-adventures.  There is an assortment of laminated half sheets and 4" x 6" cards and card stock zine style adventures.  All are built for a quick one-shot, or location to place on the map or just a side situations that party may run into.  These are made to enhance you game by filling the in between places.  Plus they are just cool.  But I'm bias.

To enter, all you have to do is comment and tell me what you favorite Christmas present of all-time was.  I'll pick a winner sometime tomorrow night.

Monday, December 21, 2015

And the Winner is...

+Will Tijerina come on down, you are the winner of the first giveaway. And Mick Red please send me an email at elder(underscore)sensa(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Later tonight I'll announce the second giveaway.  Everyone who participated, the answers were great.  Thank you.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

1 of 3 Christmas Giveaways

I'm participating in +Erik Tenkar 's 12 Days of OSR Christmas.  The first giveaway is a print copy of Starter Adventures.  A good place to start new players and even GMs.  Lots of small adventures and situations to help teach the game.  In addition there is a fully developed tavern and when your new players can tell a d8 from a d12 you can graduate them to the full adventure in the back.

To enter, please comment and tell me what you would like for Christmas.  And you don't even have to sit on my lap.  I just grossed myself out a little.  Comment, present, enter.  This is the first of three giveaways I have planned. 

Star Wars Memories

I start this post with saying I haven't seen the new Star Wars.  I'll probably check it out after the holidays and the initial rush has died down.  I'm in no hurry to see it.  I prefer to have the theater as empty as possible.  In this day of cell phones it's hard for me to enjoy a film with people are texting or taking calls during a movie.  I get frustrated, it takes me out of the movie and then I'm wish I had the super power to destroy electronic devices with a thought and maybe cause the inconsiderate texting fucks 2nd degree burns.

And a few years back when Star Wars did a re-release of Star Wars, 25th anniversary I think.  They added like 14.87 seconds of new footage that everyone was eager to see.  Friends and I bought opening day tickets just for shits and giggles.  I spent most of the movie defending myself from kids running around the theater with light sabers and the parents thinking it was cute.  I enjoy the hell out of kids getting dressed up and having a blast, cracks me up, but when I'm at the movies I want to watch the movie and not get whack in the head by a kid dressed like a storm trooper.  I don't think that is much to ask.  I waited a few weeks to see the other two when they were released and was able to watch the movie without the fear of a concussion.

But I love Star Wars.  I am not a super fan where I can tell you how many doors are in the Millennium Falcon or even what the different light saber colors mean.  But I enjoy it enough to appreciate a good Greedo or Porkins reference.  But I still don't know what a nerf herder is.

My favorite Star Wars memory was going to the movies in May of 1977, just freshly turned 9.  As part of my birthday my mother took me to see Star Wars.  Back then I was just happy to go to the movies.  Didn't know much or anything about Star Wars, it was a movie and that meant enough popcorn, candy and soda to make me sick to my stomach.  Perfect.

When I got into the theater I saw two of my friends.  We talked and I asked if I could sit with them.  She let me and off we went to the front rows where your face is nearly smooshed into the screen.  This was the first time I got to sit with friends at the movies.  It was a huge deal.  Then the movie started.  Seeing the light saber for the first time, those scary ass sand people and Darth Vader was big, and I wasn't sure what to call the guys in white armor.  Han Solo was my favorite character, but not because he was cool and shot first, but because he could understand Chewbacca.  The movie stayed with me.  I was able to see it a second time when my dad took me to see it for my birthday.  And I couldn't wait until the next one.

Star Wars, The Phantom Menace was also the first movie my now wife and I went to.  While the movie sucked wookie balls, I didn't care.  I couldn't tell you what happened in the movie.  But it served as a backdrop to our first real date.

With the new Star Wars I've heard murmurings of good.  I am not one that is too critical, I'm there for a good time.  I know once I hear that opening music (is there any other music that gets you more excited for a movie?!?) I'll be 9-years old again, sitting a few more rows back, waiting for that first shot and sound of a light saber on screen. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

One Waiting One Prisoner One Sacrificed on Sale Now (Only 50 Available)

Howdy folks, I have a little adventure I would like to offer you and your gamers, One Waiting One Prisoner One Sacrificed.  This adventure is a combination of three micro-adventure I wrote for my patrons.  The adventure starts with the party looking for three missing children and the investigation takes them into the fey realm.  There, the party explores the strangeness of the forest as the search for clues of the children's whereabouts.  And why are the fey so terrified?  The last part of the adventure takes the party into a twist tower on the edge of chaos.  And in like true fairy tale fashion, there is no "and they lived happily ever after".

The zine is 20 pages long that feature my hand drawn color maps, artwork from Forge Studios and some helpful advice from my wife, she told me when you make children into stew, the stew is not boiled, it is simmered.  I stand corrected.

I am only selling 50 copies and I've set aside a few others for giveaways.  So if you want a copy grab one quick.  I hope they don't last long.  If you are in the US it'll be $6 and everywhere else in the world it is $7.  Just use the Buy Now button below!

Where am I sending it?

Or if you prefer to TPK the party electronically, here is the PDF of One Waiting One Prisoner One Sacrificed.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Buck-a-Manor Sale

All Manor PDFs are $1 at RPGNow.  I've got 8 issues that I'm proud to say I've done and hoping to get out another issue soon.  But for now, it's Christmas time, but yourself something for yourself without breaking open your piggy bank.  Hey, these Manor PDFs are a lot cheaper than an XBox One or the latest Star Wars toy. 

Check out some of the fantastic artwork that decorates the pages of The Manor.

by Jason Sholtis
by Johnathan Bingham
by Emily Burnette
by Jason Sholtis
by Ivy Shorts
by Mike Varhola
by Jason Sholtis
by Jason Sholtis, he has several pieces in Issue #4
by Jay Penn
by Jay Penn
by Jason Sholtis
by Dylan Hartwell
by Dylan Hartwell
by Jim Magnusson
by Jarod Shaw
by Garrison J
by John Larrey
by John Larrey
by Denis McCarthy

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Empire of Imagination

Last week I ordered a copy of Empire of the Imagination, I received it today.  I'll admit I am not all that interested in the history of the game.  Some folks do timelines of what came first and what led to what and so on.  Most of us who game are fairly versed in history of all types, but I've never taken the time or had the interest to read about how the game evolved.  But this book tells it from a different perspective.  I get a semi-accurate peek into how it evolved from the view of Gary Gygax.

I haven't read any previews or do I have any background on how accurate it is.  The author states in his introduction...
While to story's narrative is based on extensive research and interview process, I have also used a bit of imagination and informed judgement to fill in the gaps of this dynamic, yet largely unknown story, making it as complete and cohesive as possible.  In many cases, scenes and dialogue have been recreated, combined and in some instances imagined to best support the documentary record. 
I'm cool with that.  I read a small portion in the bookstore and I liked it so I ordered it.  And besides, its a book about the EGG, it wouldn't be right if some imagination wasn't involved.

Anyway, going to tuck in for the night and read some pages.  

Monday, December 7, 2015

Small Groups

Last week I had two game nights that were an absolute blast.  I got to kick back and play my characters in both of them.  Each group was comprised of three folks, back when I gamed in person all the time our group rarely went over three.  When you have a small gaming group there is a lot less noise and more room to allow characters to develop and shine during the evening.

While I enjoy watching others get something going with their character, there were many nights when we had a full crew of six to seven people that I would rarely get involved.  I don't mind playing the secondary character or sidekick, but when an hour or more goes by and there has been very little opportunity to contribute, it gets boring.  And for that, I can only blame myself.  After a long day of work I'm usually mental drained.  In a bigger group I'm not as active so I tend to get more tired and distracted.  In a small group I have to keep my energy up because there is no one else to hide behind. I have to contribute too keep the game moving forward.

Typical game night.
 On-line, for me at least, it's trickier to keep a large group involved.  I know the largest on-line group I like to GM is around four folks.  In person, I can handle double that number.  I ran a 7 to 10 person group through a 3-year campaign.  We had a lot of fun, but there is no way I could have done that on-line.  When I GM I like to stand and move around a bit.  On-line I'm tethered and its harder to feed off the energy from others.  

The draw back of course is your resources are stretched thin.  In my Wednesday night, Pits & Perils game, we've really taken advantage of henchmen.  We've nearly lost all of our first batch.  But they are needed to bulk up out group.  In the Monday night game the players fluctuate from two players to four.  This makes it difficult for the party to know exactly what resources we will have each night.  But that makes it fun also.  I like'n it to a garage band.  Sometimes that bass player shows up.  Sometimes his mother won't let him out of the basement until he cleans his room.

I hope that in the future I can get involved with some one off games.  Random sessions with folks I haven't got to game with before and reconnected with people I have.  I think one of my favorite part of each game is the BS session that proceeds the game.  Just talking about whatever.  Being completely inappropriate, flinging smart ass comments and making references to movies and see who gets where it came from. 

Speaking of which, game night tonight.  Fantasy/Dragon Age in City-State of the Invincible Overlord being visited by suspicious dimensional travelers.  I don't trust them, but they've got some really, really cool toys!