Sunday, November 22, 2020

Mystery Box of Adventures: Sold Out! Thanks!


The GM Games warehouse needs room. So this year I'm offering a Mystery Box of Adventures! The picture above is a sample of what you might find in one of the boxes. 

The Mystery Box of Adventures consists of 25 items from my warehouse. All randomly packed by Whisk. Inside each box, all of these are possible. 
  • Micro-Adventures, small and zine-sized
  • Micro-Locations, small and also zine-sized 
  • NPC Cards
  • Mini Manor Zines
  • Issues of the Manor
  • Hunters in Death 
  • And other surprises
These will be shipped in zine-sized manuscript box. These boxes are sturdy and can withstand fireballs and the paralytic touch of ghouls. But the best thing about them, perfect to store zines. Even though I'm throwing 25 items into each box, there is plenty of room left for other zines. And we all need more zine storage.  

The Mystery Box of Adventure is $50. That's $2 per adventure and shipping is included.. Help me make more space in my warehouse for 2021 and you'll have more adventures, locations, and NPCs than you can shake a +5 Holy Avenger at. 

I only have a couple dozen of Mystery Boxes of Adventure! so grab one while you can. Or two, sent one to a gaming friend. 

Due to the brutal cost of international shipping I can only ship within the United States.