Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Year Spending Begins

Yesterday on the 2nd I ordered the White Box from Brave Halfling Publishing. For $25.95 its a very good price, but with the additional $10 shipping it is about what I would pay. I know in the past shipping costs have tipped the scale whether I would buy an item or not. This time I thought the value of the product was worth the shipping.

Today, I was browsing on the OSR storefront on Lulu and bought three items. I got a copy of OSRIC (the economy version), Monsters of Myth and Michael Curtis's Stonehell Dungeon. I continue educating myself with the different systems, this time OSRIC. As far as Stonehell Dungeon is concerned, I've been a big fan of Michael's blog so I figured it was a sure thing. The benefit of getting guilt free Christmas money that allows you to splurge on a few items.

I'll also throw out another plug for Rob's Suppliment VI The Majestic Wilderlands. If you haven't got a copy of this yet please do so. I am bias, but I believe its a great product for a great price.

2010 is starting out strong with my OSR purchases. I'm looking forward to all the independent products promised in resolutions blogs. I'm going to hold you to them people. I hope to squirt out a couple products here and there myself to pay for my compulsive gaming purchases. Here's to 2010 and to making it a golden year for gaming.

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