Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday is All Right for Fighting

Elton John had the wrong night.

+Erik Tenkar took the B Group....we need to come up with a better name.  That one sucks.

+Erik Tenkar GMed our group made up of the technical grappling guru +Douglas Cole (he's got a t-shirt to prove it), erotic dungeon fantasy author +Peter V. Dell'Orto and a guy I don't know well enough to give him a smartass moniker, +Chris Maler.  The fourth guy in our small group is sorta like a Spinal Tap drummer. 

My guy, Minister, a cleric/mage, leveled up to 3rd in each class.  And something magical happened...roll d20 got a quantum flux dice roll generator.  Apparently it is the latest quantum you can legally possess.  This was to assist Minister from continuing his long string of 1's.  It did that.  Instead, Minister is now rolling a long string of mediocre misses.

Our group returned to the 3rd level, because like all adventurers believe, the deeper you go the better the loot is. We now had a dwarf, he helped us detect all those five degree angle slopes, but he immediately failed to notice the 10' pit.  At least he missed the spikes.

Erik worked magic with his fog of war so not to give too much away.  But we were looking for doors and rooms with numbers.  It took us a little while to find a room with some loot.  We encountered a Donkey Kong trap.  I loved it.  Flaming barrels rolled towards you and the great thing was, it reset itself so the next poor shmuck would have to leap of those flaming bastards.

We fought a series of low level critters.  I think the camel spiders (without toes) and a quad of skeletons were the badasses of the night.  We ran in another mage with two fighter 'companions'.  The mage vanished and I slept the two manly men.  Erik said they were wearing plate mail, but then took it back when we looted them and said they only had chain mail.  In a previous room we'd inadvertently taken the mage's spellbook he hid.  And here's a very important lesson boys and girls, come closer because I want you to hear this.  When you're invisible, don't shout 'fuck'.  That kind of potty mouth behavior will get you killed.  And that's just what happens boys and girls, that mage died as a dagger was slowing pushed into his eye socket.

Peter got tubro-rot from putting on a mummy's boots.  Or at least he said he got the rots from the mummy.  I saw how he was flirting with the one-eyed potion girl.  Peter thinks she's winking at him.  I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise.

Last night was fun and needed.  It sounded like almost everyone in the group had a long ass week.  I needed to blow off some steam by goofing around and having some fun tromping through a dungeon. 

I had a great time.  My contribution was minimal.  But it was a needed diversion and a fantastic way to begin the weekend.

Oh, and to get a more accurate and serious version of the session, Peter has his take and a few opinions.  And Doug is able to write his report the instant we are done.  He's such a kiss ass.  But it's the most accurate at what happened and his Google-fu is top notched when finding the appropriate clipart to highlight events. 

But the kicker is, I wrote this post, so Tenkar gives folks 10% bonus for writing a post about the game.  That 10% bonus allows me to level up in to a 4th level cleric and mage. 


  1. This awesome summary courtesy of a 10% experience point bonus. We should totally pull a Breakfast Club, and tell Erik that since I transcribe the happenings real time, we really should all get credit.

    Hell, it worked for Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall.

  2. You are such an XP whore, Tim. But I'm glad you are since this was such a fun read.