Saturday, May 20, 2017

Zombie Crawl Setting

Posted a 5 minute video featuring an abandon gas station and roadway with the woods taking over. A perfect setting for a zombie flick.


  1. I like it! I'm glad nothing shambled out of the trailer to eat you!

    1. I was hoping for a battle. I was armed and ready. Also I had good running shoes!

  2. Without Hope: A Zombie Survival Horror RPG
    Now your wondering why would someone come out with another Zombie Horror SurvivalRPG in a small sea of them?
    My fellow writer and I had a vision of a Zombie Horror where the players were just normal people in a world gone mad. With that level of realism brought in a level of fear and tension that previous Zombie RPGs I had written by myself had never had nor had any of the others I have played.
    IN fact I have never had a Zombie Horror game make me so tense!
    With my co-writer there were controls and standards of the Zombie Horror we wanted.
    One bite, no matter what and it's over, unless you chop of the limb but that still might not work.
    Guns and Combat is deadly realistic yet really simple.
    Other people are the worst monsters.
    Sanity and Humanity scores that reflect the decent into terror and madness from seeing the dead rise to eat the living and the loss of family and friends.
    Super quick character creation in the old school style of play. If your character dies then roll up another in minutes.
    A simple and easy to use percentile based system.
    There are no super zombies, intelligent zombies of any kind, just Zombie Horror in it's purest form.

  3. Hey Tim, I'm late to the game in seeing your Rural Crawl posts, but I thought you might enjoy checking out the Teddy Bear Motel, if you haven't already seen stuff about it online. I posted about it last year after I came upon it without prior knowledge, but it seems to be a fairly popular site for folks to get creeped out...