Sunday, March 28, 2010

2. Dungeon Room

The second entry in my dungeon room entries. I'll be adding the overall map that I am working off of tomorrow.

2. Hellstone Doors: The cavern walls and floor is worn smooth by the small stream running through the center. Double doors are set in the eastern wall where the wall turns from a natural cavern to worked stone. A demonic visage is engraved across both doors. A skeletal hand grips a thin metal rod stuck in the demon's eye.

The doors are made of hellstone coated in a white limestone that is chipped and cracked. The red veined black rock radiates heat so the doors will feel warm to the touch. The small rod is the key to release the complex locking system built inside the door. The rod will funnel life energy from the key bearer at the rate of 5hp/round. When a total of 50hp is taken within a day the doors will open.

Trying to bash the door in will result in the limestone to fall away revealing the hellstone. In this case anyone who touches the hellstone will take 2-20 points of damage. If a player is reduced to 0 hit points or below he will need to make a system survival shock roll. If the player fails his roll his spirit is consumed by the hellstone. This player cannot be raised from the dead, resurrected, reincarnated or any spell that affects the spirit.