Friday, March 26, 2010

A Politically Correct Weapon

The Sword of Fairness (cursed item)

The Sword of Fairness is cursed so once a player wields it in battle he may only use this weapon in combat. A Remove Curse or Wish spell must be cast to remove the curse of the weapon.

The power of the sword is in its ability to gage the ability level of the character and his opponent. If a 2nd level fight is going against a 7HD creature it will act as a +5 sword. If the character is 8th level battling a 1HD creature is acts as a -7 sword. The pluses and minuses apply to both to hit and damage rolls (a minimum of 1hp of damage).

An additional quirk that can occur with a Sword of Fairness (5% of the time) is it can grant or reduce the number of attacks a character can make. Normally, a 3rd level fighter is able to attack 3 times against below 1HD creatures, but if the creature only gets one attack than so does the fighter. Or if a 1st level fighter goes against a troll who usually attack 3 times per round then so will the 1st level fighter.


  1. Once you learn what this it, it would be a great weapon to hand off to a low level henchman.

  2. True. It would be best if this were paired with a Contrairiness effect, or a hallucination that the sword is actually performing very well. And perhaps an extreme unreasonable fear of the sword by anyone who knows its actual powers.

  3. I like this -- both literally and figuratively a double-edged sword.