Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Pit Table

My offering to the random table junkies. Let them use their 10' poles. These are pits players will be glad to fall into. So just throw a few d20s and you'll have yourself one heck of a hole in the ground.

Table 1: Depth (d20)
1-10 10'
11-14 20'
15-17 30'
18-19 50'
20 Bottomless

Table 2: Features (d20)
1-6 Empty
7-9 Spikes
10 Poisonous Spikes
11-12 Pit Locks Shut
13 Stone Block Falls into Pit
14-15 Water
16 Gas
17-18 Oil Filled Pit
19-20 Creatures (see Table 3

Table 3: Creatures (d20)
1-2 Snakes
3-4 Giant Snakes
5-6 Spiders
7-8 Giant Spiders
9-11 Giant Rats
12-13 Giant Centipedes
14-16 Giant Ants
17-18 Bear
19-20 Monsters (see Table 4)

Table 4: Monsters (d20)
1-3 Skeletons
5-6 Zombie
7-8 Green Slime
9-10 Rust Monster
11-12 Fire Beetle
13-14 Ghoul
15-16 Phase Spider
17-18 Yellow Mold
19-20 Gelatinous Cube


  1. Gee good thing I didn't have this last night ;)

  2. I wonder what happens to monsters in bottomless pits. "You fall into a bottomless pit. As you fall, you start meeting other corpses that seem to have fallen for an eternity. They look all shrivled up and gaunt. In fact, some of them are zombies. As they air rushes past you they try to get closer. Braiiiiiiiiinswooosh!"

  3. Chris> Yoink away.

    Rob> Where do you think I got the idea. Although I still find it weird that I was the only one getting hit last night.

    David> Thanks for linking the post to your blog.

    Alex> lol, never though of that. Might be an entire culture forever falling.

    Al> Thanks!

  4. Awesome table, although due to "The Vikings" movie I belive there should be allowances for the pit being full of wolves...

  5. Blair> Absolutely! Forgot about that scene in The Vikings.

  6. Dammit, I just rolled a 50' pit, filled with oil, with a phase spider in it. Typical!