Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Dragon Said What?

Standing at the edge of the rushing creek I thought I could make it. It didn't look too wide. I'd easily jumped over the other part of the creek. I'll just take a few more steps before I jump. *splash* Lots of water. Smashing into my face. Can't breathe. Ow, that was a hard rock. Ow, that was a really hard rock.

*gasp* Laying on the shore. Wait. No I am in a dungeon and its dark. Really dark. And since I am a S&W elf and not an AD&D elf I can't see crap. I think I popped a lung and broke my eye. The pain. Healing potion. *Ahhhh* Much better now.

My two fellow party members with names I have difficulty saying, came splashing my way. My head is still ringing as they talk. Wait. That's not them talking. Ah oh. It's talking like my father. Crap, its the dragon the goblin told us about. I'm only 2nd level. Why a dragon. I'm so close to 3rd level. I really want to cast 2nd level spells even though I don't know any.

Now the one whose name I can't pronounce is talking to the dragon. He's cocky. He's not going to make it to 3rd level. Maybe I'll take a step over here just in case. What? Dragon wants our help? What a minute, didn't he sit on his last master? The body is still there. This ain't good. He whose name I can't pronounce is walking up to the dragon. I have a crossbow. I'm not even sure if it's loaded.

He's going to unlock the collar the dragon is wearing. He's so dead. At least I won't have to learn how to pronounce his name. Sarvald, I think that's the human's name. Is asking the dragon questions too. Why am I not asking it questions? I don't have a question. *click*

The silver collar falls to the floor. The dragon roars and I accidently shoot the crossbow and the bolt dissappears in the darkness. I quickly reload it and stand there as if nothing had happened. I nod at Sarvald and strike my coolest elf pose. Dragon spews fire on the ceiling. I wonder if he can only do that once a day?

Those two ask another question each and then the dragon flies off. It said we could have its treasure. I'm still looking at the guy it was sitting on. That couldn't have been pleasant. But there is loot to have and to be the last eyes to look upon the treasure means your left with copper that's a pain in the ass to count.

Whoa. What was that. I feel tingly. I made 3rd level. Oh, I am so casting 2nd level spells next session.

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  1. The name's "Syrivald." As for the other guy, I can't pronounce his name either, even with practice.