Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1. Dungeon Room

Groggy as hell Tuesday morning blog. If the font is blurry its because that's the way I typed it. Here is a small offering, a dungeon room in one of the adventures I am writing. Have a good day everyone. Or as the old Amish guy I used to know would say "Every day is good. Try missing one."

1. Fungi Cavern: The cavern is filled with various types of fungi. One mass of fungi reaches from floor to ceiling. A badly dented helmet lies by the large fungi growth.

The fungi growth gives off spores that if the player stays in the cavern for more than one turn he will need to make a saving throw or fall asleep. If the player falls asleep they will need to be physical jarred (doing at least one point of damage) to be awoken. While the player sleeps the fungi will grow on him. Within a month the player will be completely covered. The fungi will slowly consume the player at a rate of 1hp/day.

Slicing through the fungi is very easy, but this increases the spores that cause sleep. Within several of the small growths are rat corpses and one dog. In the large fungi is Owen, a 3rd level fighter. He has been sleep for two weeks. He is down to his last hit points and will die in a couple of days. The fungus has not affected his equipment.

If a player hacks through the fungi they will also find a tinderbox, a single set of tin dinnerware, a money belt with 12sp inside and one steel gauntlet.