Monday, March 15, 2010

Infravision Questions

I've been working on an adventure and a big part of it is zombies and skeletons in a mine. Now the question I pose is would infravision 'see' these undead?

I'm leaning towards no because I think they would take on the temperature around them, thus making them nearly invisible to infravision. I'm curious to what others think.

And I guess while I am on the topic do you think infravision would assist in finding secret doors and/or concealed doors. In this case I am thinking it would. If there is a difference in temperature then the outline of the door would be seen. Unless you have some master craftsman hide the cracks.

Just thought I would put those questions out there. It's Monday again. Monday after daylight savings always sucks. But I will try and stay positive. It is gaming night and I am now 3rd level.