Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What to Buy Next

While I wait for my White Box to appear in the mail I've been browsing the virtual shelves for a new target. In my RPGNow cart I have Od&dities 13. At $2 it's definitely worth taking a look at and at 24 pages makes it a printer friendly product. Plus, it looks like RPGNow is having a 25% sale for Game Master's Day starting later on today. So I might find a couple more items in my cart before too long.

Then there is the Advanced Edition Companion for Labyrinth Lord. I downloaded the free PDF, but for this kind of product I like a print copy. I've got no problem with $22.95, but I need to look through the PDF a little more. Anytime I buy from Lulu I feel obligated to buy multiple things to help with the shipping costs. And right now I think I have everything I want from Lulu.

Steve Jackson game has two relatively new releases in their Dungeon Fantasy series. Part 9 is called the Summoners. I doubt I'll get this one. Part 10 is Taverns. I'll be all over that one. The PDF is 33 pages for $7.99. Since I've played GURPS for years and believe they have some of the best resource books I have never had a problem with buying their books even if they are higher in price. And just as a side note, but an important one, any time I've ever had a problem with a book, mainly the binding coming apart, they have always sent me a new one free of charge. But back to the Dungeon Fantasy series, they have been hit and miss for me. Some have been great while some of the entries, while well written, added nothing for me. When in doubt I tell Rob about the new GURPS item and he compulsively buys them then he can tell me if its good or not.

I was looking at a few Castles & Crusades items, but I have to say the last few I bought in the C&C line have been disappointing. I wish C&C would get a bit more support and release things on a regular basis. Maybe they do and I am not following closely, but as I said they last two items I bought, one was just not good at all and the other I thought could have been good, but it missed the mark. They settled for good enough.

Then I think of going back and filling in the gaps of older products I have. Browse eBay and Amazon for possible scores. Rob got one of my dream scores at ErieCon this weekend. He bought a copy the Chaosium's Thieves World for only $20. I was floored.

If anyone has suggestions, even if it's a copy of your own material please let me know. The gaming world is splintered into so many directions these days it's difficult to keep track sometimes.


  1. Thieves World @ $20 was a great deal. :D

  2. What C&C stuff are you thinking of purchasing?