Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GM Report Card

So the party started tied up, blindfolded and most of the possessions taken away before their butt hit the chair.  You know what else?  They were the prisoner of a giant vampire medusa.  That's the kinda GM I am. 

Rob blogs about the session here.

I wanted to start them in the middle of something so I did.  Threw their bacon into the fire.  Overall I thought the session went well.  Rob tells it pretty well so I won't retread all that.  As a GM I didn't have the time to do the NPCs I wanted.  I had a list of about twelve I wanted to get done, but once the session was over I only needed about half those.  As I always do I like to set up a situation mix it up with possible advantages and disadvantages then add the players and wing it from there. 

There were a few bumpy spots.  Some rules conflicts here and there, but that didn't stop us.  We discussed it quickly then moved on.  Though GURPS can have a rule for nearly anything I an a firm believer in being consistent, but allowing enough flexibility within those rules to not let them slow the game down.  But still, if your world has a set of rules of how magic works its important to stick within those rules or have a good reason why not. 

Example, the one situation I ran into is the medusa has a magic resistance and can still cast spells, but those two are not mutually agreeable in the rules.  But, there are different types of magic with the campaign, one is the regular magic and the other is god magic.  I won't go into too much detail, but it worked out well.

GM Self Report Card
Adventure: The adventure and situation itself I thought was pretty good.  A good starting point with several plot threads the players could pick up on.  So I give myself a solid B.

Rule Calls:  Still deficienct with rules knowledge the need to page flip was minimal and it really helps when you have three guys with the same rule books.  Rob helped mainly with combat options and Dwayne with magic.  I would say may judgement calls were minimal and fair, but knowledge still needs improved C.

NPCs: I had a handful of NPCs.  Robert the servant to medusa, a timid man, but he was able to get some revenge by killing a guard.  A hyper and loud mercenary who turned into lunch for the medusa.  A few of the mages.  Were any of them remember-able (really stretching to make that a word)...I would say one was, possibly two.  I flounder too much with Robert and he was an important NPC.  So my grade for NPCs C+.  Need to nail them down a little more.

Pace: I thought I did pretty well with keeping the pace up.  I wanted to keep the tension up and I think I did well with this part.  That sense of urgency adds to the atmosphere of the game.  Game B.

Session Ending: I think this is an important part of GMing.  Leaving off at a point where the players are chomping at the bit, or introduced to a twist.  Something that will have them wondering what is going on for the next session.  Our session ended with a revelation, a small one, but one that can have large implications with the mage guild.  And there is plenty of fodder to pick up plot threads next session.  You never want to leave a session with the players thinking, what are we going to do next.  Grade A.

Fun: When it comes down to it this is the main and really the only grade that counts.  Of course if one of those section fails above it can really effect the final grade.  Last night we had a blast.  Players were in a good mood.  The game went smooth.  No problems with Skype or FG2.  So I am going to give the session an overall grade of a B+

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