Thursday, June 9, 2011

Villains, S&W Style, Part 5

Wow, yesterday was sick as hell.  Not that you guys need to know that, but was working on some write ups for the blog.  I enjoy doing the Villains, S&W style and thought of a few stand by baddies I like to have.  I am sure we all have our favorites that get introduced into different games.  One of mine is Opulus.  A cranky old priest with ideas of his own.

S: 9, D: 9, C: 11, I: 12, W: 15, Ch: 14
7th level Cleric 
Opulus is an elder priest in the temple of Delaquain.  He does little in the way of direct service to the people, but is a high ranking adviser the directs temple policy.  In his eyes the temple has moved away from its initial mission which is to serve the Gynorian people, but with being accepted into the whole, respectability, and more say on what goes on the temple has moved towards a tolerance toward all races and cultures.  Opulus believes this is a waste of resources.

He believes the temples exists to use and expand its resources for its own people.  The other races and cultures have their own gods and temples let them suckle them to oblivion.  When Opulus has been present at public temples he has been known to casts geas on those he believes are taking advantage of the temple.  Often the geas he sends them on cause the person's death because the quest is beyond the person's capabilities.  Opulus believes the only reason they failed is they did not have enough faith.  The temple of Delaquain has kept this fact hidden for years and Opulus has been admonished because of it.  Yet he cannot be remove from his position because it is a lifetime commitment. 

The temple is fractured.  Opulus has a small, but zealous group that believes the temple should return to serving their own.  While the main body of the temple wishes to integrate itself further into the culture.  The popularity of Delaquain has never been so high.  Opulus continues to use his influence within the temple to bring the the fall of those who do not believe in what he believes.  He would rather see the walls burn than have them desecrated by outsiders.

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