Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newest Troll in Trollhalla

After meeting Ken St. Andre I had to join Trollhalla.  Not sure why I never did before since I've been a fan for...well since I had a full head of hair and I can tell you that has been years, decades ago.  So I also though I would show you what I got at the Flying Buffalo booth. 

First off I got this hit location die.  I have a twelve sider, but I like the pictures on this one.

Then here is my stash of books I got.  First off I got the 7th CityBook.  These are probably my favorite gaming supplements.  Still need to find number 6.  I got a T&T adventure from Free RPG day from 2008.  Tavern by the Sea, The Wizard's Test and Khara Khang's Random Rainbow Maze.  Ken signed the last three.
So this is what I got from the Flying Buffalo which is a true old school company.  As you can see I was not shy about buying stuff.  And why not?  I love everything I got and am enjoy reading it all.


  1. T&T is awesome! Love it!! It is the best beer and pretzels style RPG ever made!!

  2. Welcome to the 'Halla! Look forward to seeing you there.