Monday, June 6, 2011

Cthulhu Dice

I'd almost forgotten my little score over my vacation.  Being a sucker for weird dice I saw Cthulhu Dice (which is a misrepresentation since there is only one die...should be Cthulhu Die, but I guess that would be confusing to because the game isn't about killing Cthulhu its about keeping your sanity or losing your sanity, making others lose their sanity while the dark water rises in the night and the city not seen in ten thousand years glimmers in the blood moon of the thirteen month as the reality catches on fire and peels away in black curling strips).  I failed my roll.  I have to go now.

Here is the die with all its glorious tentacles, elder sign and Cthulhu.  The green things are Sanity Tokens.

If that comes up everyone goes insane!

Sammy is looking very Cthulhu.  He wants to go as Cthulhu for Halloween.


  1. Those are great shots. Love that.

  2. Aren't there also complete Cthulhu dice sets? I think my co-conspirator Spawn of Endra has one.

  3. That's a cool looking die. It seems to suit Sammy really nicely!

  4. So, do you recommend the game. It looks cool and all, but is it fun? :)

    - Ark

  5. Carter - Not sure if there is a complete set or not, this game only came with one.

    Bard - Yeah Sammy liked the green sanity tokens. It reminded him of the crystals from the pylons.

    Ark - The price tag was 5 bucks and I had a 30% coupon. Its a good game to have around if you are waiting for other players to arrive at a game. If you've played Zombie Dice (also by Steve Jackson) its a good way to play a quick couple of games while you wait.

  6. I picked this up last year. Sunday is family game day so when mom doesn't want to play, my daughter and I play Cthulhu Dice and Unspeakable Words quite a bit.
    They're both easy, quick and a lot of fun.