Saturday, June 4, 2011

Origins : Should I Stay or Should I Go

Rob (Bat in the Attic) and I are seriously considering heading to Origins this year.  It's coming up quick at the end of the month and we'd go for Saturday the 25th.  Admission fee is only $5.  Ton of exhibitors which I am sure will make my side total for the year skyrocket.

It's about a 4 hour drive one way which is not too bad.  We'd probably try and find a place within an hour of the convention center and hit it early in the morning and then head home that evening. 

I've never been to one of the big conventions.  Just local ones.  Some of those are pretty hit or miss.  No one shows up to play or the GM does not show (not just talking about you Jason :P).  Origins is one of the biggies and I think would be great to go.  I'll have to plan better next year, try to sign up for some of the games and get more involved. 

As of now though, still not sure if I'll go.  Have to coordinate things with Rob and make sure my credit card isn't on the verge of melting.


  1. I'd say for a $5 admission fee and a four-hour drive, go for it. Just for the sake of meeting people in the business, networking and raising your profile it would be very worthwhile. Oh yeah, and fun, too!

    I've always wanted to go to one of the big cons, but I live far enough away from all of them that it'll likely never happen unless I win the lottery - and I don't buy lottery tickets.

  2. For the record, I formally cancelled with the management not once, but twice! By the by, the Erie Days of Gaming have updated their webpage with dates in October...I hope you and Rob make plans to attend. Maybe Al K. could be convinced to come down for another rust belt old school get together.

  3. I tried out the $5 "no sit down events" pass when it started, and thought that was the best value for a one-day spree. You don't have to fight a GenCon sized dork-horde, and other entertainment is just minutes north on High St.

  4. Sean > Yeah I was not going to do it and then the more I got to thinking about it I felt like I should go. It's not too far and the price is next to nothing.

    Jason > lol. Yeah that ould be great. Maybe this year we could get a couple events on Saturday. Make it a full day.

    Lee > Thanks for the input. I don't have much knowledge of High St. or Columbus in general, but the more I am hearing about the more interested I am.

  5. You have to remember that the $5 day pass does not allow you to sign up for most events so your options for gameplay are limited. Its still more than worth it to get access to the exhibit hall, art show and the 2 other halls. You should check out the North Market across the street from the convention center. Its a kinda trendy indoor food court building with some interesting food options.