Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Many Great Dice

As you can see I am going to milk that con for several posts.  This one is about the dice I bought then I think I only have my HakcMaster post, oh and another short one about other stuff I got I think that is it.  Origins made my side bar total for the year leap $300.  I'm not going to break everything down.  I just don't remember.  Well let's see these dice I got. 

First off here are the free dice I got in the bag.  I sorta wish I bought the whole commemorative Origins dice set that was in a very nice tin.   
These are the old Armory Alignment dice.  The package was so old it fell apart in my hands.  Though I don't use alignment I still had to have them.  The black die appears to have a bit of dandruff.

A collection of weird dice.  Weather generator, treasure type, monster type, decision die and I am guessing the one with superior on it is to determine the strength of an opponent compared to the players.  All very cool dice.  
These are glow in the dark dice featuring alien heads, eyes and spaceships. 
Glow in the dark I had to have them.  Bad picture of them glowing, but you get the point.
Finally, my first set of Game Science dice.  Uninked.  Which I am regretting a little because I have discovered I suck at inking them.  These things look like perfect chunks of amber. 


  1. I really like the non-numerical dice you picked up. I've recently been thinking about exploring the possibilities such dice myself (despite the mountains of dice I have, they're all numbers only -- but this may soon change).

  2. Some really great dice that you don't see at wargaming shows but should.

  3. Nice collection. And don't worry--I was awful at inking my first set of Gamescience. I went back and redid it with an ultra-fine sharpie. Lou Zocchi said to put a thin coat of nail polish over the numbers once inked, but that's optional.

    I love that weather dice! Going to have to be on my list for Gen Con this year. IIRC, is that a Koplow product?

  4. Bard > Yeah I am a sucker for dice that just has weird stuff on them.

    Lurker > Yeah some of the dice I will probably never use, but they are just cool to pass up.

    Zack > I'm not sure. I believe I got it a Chessex Booth. It was in their individual die section. North of the giant vat of dice. I should have gotten a pitcher full of dice just for the heck of it. Just didn't want to carry them around.

  5. The gift bag 20-siders were cool, although only numbered 0-9 twice. Some friends that attended on Sat. didn't receive any. Needed a .30mm artist marker to ink 'em.

  6. I'd suggest crayon, not marker, for the transparent amber ones.

  7. biopunk > You get King of the Blog. Crayon is working fantastic. Thanks.

  8. King of the Blog?!!


    As my first Royal Decree:

    May all learn from my mistakes and wield thy crayons upon thee transparent and translucent angular random number generators known through out the Manor and the Realm, as Dice!

  9. I used to have an amber d8 just like that set. Brings back memories.