Friday, June 24, 2011

Packed and Ready for Origins

Hotel reserved.  Check.
Cell phone charged.  Check.
Map printed.  Check.
Clothes packed.  Sorta checked.
Filled the Tank. Check.
Cleaned the car out.  Check
Cleared out the checking account.  Check.

It's been a very few busy days at work.  I know.  Blah, blah...Charlie Brown's teacher talking.  Rob and I are meeting up at 6:30am and heading west.  Should be a blast.  Rob and I can talk about gaming and other nonsensical stuff during the 4 hour drive.  I'm sure the current GURPS campaign will come up.  We will be adding our old/new guy on Monday.  Rob is thinking about running a game, but since we are not sure of the layout or how far it is to get here from there he can't bring his uhaul of gaming props with him.

I've also bringing my digital camera and hope to get a few good pictures.  I will get some lighting shots for Trey and Lurker because I know how important it is to them.

The booths I am frothing to get at are the Kenzer booth, Game Science Dice, Toad and Troll, Steve Jackson Games, just to name a few.  I am looking forward to finding that surprise vendor or vendors I had no idea about.  I also hope to maybe get into get in a little game time. 

So I need to go finish packing.  I'll blog at you guys on Sunday.  It may not be sleestak Sunday, but I am hoping I find one at Origins.  That would be the best.


  1. Enjoy.

    What's the Happy Whisk up to? Baking?

  2. Hey Jovial, I had to work at the shop. But I did get to play a day or so before that and make Miss Wiggy more treats.