Monday, January 16, 2012

Housing Cleaning at the Manor

Since I have the day off I've been going through some blogs I don't get to read all that often.  Some blogs who post while I'm at work or asleep are hard to keep up with, but that's what weekends and holidays are for.  I was adding some blogs I thought looked good.  I'm not sure why I didn't have scott's blog already on my roll, but that has been corrected.

Stocking the Dungeon
scottz's blog
The Excessive Gamer 

As I was joining their blogs I saw I was reaching my 300 limit so I did a little blog roll cleaning.  I'm down to 245 blogs.  I think I chopped 50 blogs that were discontinued, dead links or as a general rule, if they have not been updated for two months they get chopped.

I still see some dust in the corners and cobwebs on the ceiling.  Those damn things seems to be everywhere.  Before I go, here is Booger, Johnny Fever and Alice Copper playing D&D.