Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sucking is a Relative Term

Yesterday the Rhetorical Gamer blog referenced my Just Above Suck in a post called I Don't Wanna Suck!  (loved the title) I can appreciate the sentiment not to suck, especially if your expectation is to be a world changing hero.  But I think she (I am only assuming the poster is female because she mentioned writing a romantic fantasy rpg, so I am just playing the odds) doesn't understand how an old school type game world works.  Rob over at Bat in the Attic referenced my blog yesterday as well, but from the angle I am taking today.

Suck is a relative term.  And my explanation to my newbie players was not to crush their spirits, but I let them know this will be an old school hex crawl.  As I explained to one of the guys who is excited to play, "This is a hex crawl, I don't level out the encounters so they are balanced.  If you try to go hero on a red dragon while you are 1st level, grab 4d6 roll and leave out the lowest number six times and tell me what you want your new character to be."  So against high level opponents you will suck.  But against a goblin you have a great chance.  You won't suck.  It's all relative.

As I said in my comment in her post, I know the players will have fun.  I have had tons of fun while I sucked during a game.  My players will have just as much fun killing a group of drunken goblins as they would storming the gates of Mordor and pissing on the tower Sauron.