Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sleestak Sunday

Another Sleestak Sunday has come around again.  This week has been interesting.  Wednesday was the all newbie group which I will post on either tomorrow or tonight.  It went well.  And couple of days ago we got the initial rules for 5E D&D.  I need to go over the NDA before I can say anything.  We are setting up a group to start testing it.  My initial impression is 'I want to see how this plays' which is good.  It's got my interest.  I started doing commenter XP.  I listed how to gain XP at the bottom of the list and will award bonus XP on various posts.  Should be fun.

I know its a low keyed Sleestak Sunday, but I can't scare Angry Lurker every week with scary green reptile men.  dmarks over at his Throwawayblog will compliment this Sunday with some sleestak finery.  I hope everyone has a good Sunday.  Championship Sunday.  Now everyone go make some maps.  I've been digging all the ones I've been seeing lately.  I need to go to Staples and buy more Sharpies, Bug ate half of mine last night.  That is why the universe made puppies cute.  So you don't kill them.  Besides, they aren't worth shit for XP.

Slayer of Sharpies