Thursday, January 12, 2012

Newbie Game All Set

Okay, enough about the sucking.  I've got a date, time and place for my newbie group.  Next Wednesday at 5pm and the very cool thing is my place of work has a nice conference room and are allowing me to use it.  In fact they are excited about me running a game.

Right now I think there are six players which is about all I want to run.  Especially new players.  I've decided to use AD&D for the system as that is what I am running with my Monday night group.  I really considered running Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules or Labyrinth Lords Advanced.  Hell, I still may change my mind.

I mentioned before, I will be creating the characters ahead of time.  I've asked each player what race and class they want to be so making them up as I watch Chopped with Ivy.  I'll do a paragraph or two background for each.

Expectations for the game?  For me I'm unsure what to expect.  Whether this will become a semi-weekly game or one-shot or whatever.  I would like to set it up as a mini-campaign.  If it looks like it works out then I plan on using Pathfinder's Kingmaker Adventure Path as a template.  There are a lot of elements I really like, especially the earlier adventures. 

I'll see how it works out.  In the drama department we already had a small flare up before things got started.  One of them refused to play because someone they no longer spoke to was already signed up.  I explained to her that I wasn't going to refuse anyone.  That if she wanted in the game she was more than welcome, but I wouldn't be kicking out someone else so she could.  Ah, young stupid love.

I went through my dice last night and found I have six complete sets of dice with a bunch of spares, but they won't be using my original set or my Game Science dice.  I will chop off their little newbie hands if they do.  Just wanted to check my dice stash in case they need some.

All right.  I am out for the night.  I heard Trey is selling a print version of his Weird Adventures so I am going to stand in line.  It's going to be a midnight release so I don't want to get stuck being a group of goobers dressed up like the Sinister Sorcerers or Barrow Men.  I wouldn't be so bad, but they think not showering gives it more authenticity.  Oh wait, I can get it on RPGNow and forgo the line.  Done!