Monday, January 23, 2012

This is How I Think

So after Bug slaughtered a good portion of my Sharpies I went out and bought a 24-pack.  Whisk asks "Why did you get the big pack?  I thought you didn't need that many colors for your map."  I don't, but my strategy is this.  Bug doesn't know that.  The other Sharpies are decoys to keep her away from my blues and blacks and browns.  I will put out a purple and weird gray and one I have no idea what color it is.  They can be the sacrifices to The Bug.  I'm a gamer, this is how I think.

P.S. The Sharpies are surrounded by spices.  I'll bet you can't guess who took the picture and took my orange and pink markers.  I forgot I needed to make my sacrifice of the 'pretty colors' to The Whisk.