Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Manor, Micro Adventure Assist

I've been kicking around an idea for a while, to get involved with Patreon.  I love the idea of it.  Sometimes the concept confuses me, but it works.  I'm backing four folks right now who contribute a great deal to gaming and plan to do so for a long time.  They've inspired me to give it go.  So here's my plan.

First off, what I am planning to do for Patreon is a series of Micro Adventures.  Simple adventures you can drop into your game at a moment's notice.  Small enough to make a trek through the forest a little more eventful or maybe the GM needs to break up the monotony of a sea born adventure with a well-placed shipwreck encounter.  These are adventures you can use while the players are on large quests or in between saving the world.  But these little encounters could definitely be used as seeds or clues to bigger things.

Each Micro Adventure will be accompanied by one of my hand-drawn maps.  I post them on here all the time.  I scan them in and then use the computer to place the words and numbered areas. 

The reason I'm doing this...The Manor.  I've been getting a good bit of interest from people wanting to submit to The Manor and I want to be able to pay them for their efforts.  And I'd like to do some colored issues in the future.  And while there are a bunch of great gamers out there willing to do it for free, I like to pay them for the efforts.

If you are interested in supporting my idea, please head on over to my Gothridge Patreon page and donate whatever you feel comfortable with.  You can always put a limit on how much you want to donate a month and can pull out at any time.  I plan on producing 3 to 5 of Micro Adventures each month.

All the Micro-Adventures will be offered here for free.  So if you don't have the cash or just not interested in the whole Patreon thing, I understand. 

Thanks for give this a look.


  1. While I'm not interested in supporting Patreon (I don't like electronic format, or getting adventures piecemeal), if you were to compile a year's worth of micro-adventures into a book I'd buy it without a second thought. I don't use published adventures, but I have great need for adventure seeds that can be fleshed out into a customized adventure, and I've wondered for years why someone doesn't do a compendium of 1-page-dungeon format adventures.

  2. I too would buy a hard copy of micro-adventures.