Friday, June 13, 2014

Micro-Adventure #2: The Skeleton Crew

I posted my second adventure on Paetron tonight, The Skeleton Crew.  It's a roadside adventure that players can happen upon or a short trek while waiting for a larger adventure to unfold.  I've sorta kinda connected the two adventures by giving the necromancer the name of Noctum.  But it's hardly necessary to connect them.

I need to give thanks to Telecanter.  He's the silhouette dude.  A lot of these silhouettes I'm using are from his collection.  I've been collecting them since he started and always wanted to do something with them.  I think they add a fun element visual element to the map.  You could probably run the adventure without the text and wing it from the map alone.

Next time I'll get into what inspired me to do these.  It goes back to the Time of the Mullets.

Off to Origins tomorrow.  I think I woo hooed in my mind a little.


  1. Looks a good little distraction I can see a bit of a conversion going on some time soon


  2. Very nice. I like the silhouettes, they're a nice touch. Thanks to Telecanter.