Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sneak Peek at the Next Micro-Adventure & Wounded Warrior Project

Here's the map for #4 Micro-Adventure.  This one is called the Pierced Children.  It consists of a mountain edge, some woods and a rough silver mine.  Those blue spots are supposed to be more 'silvery'.  They look a little too much like water.  I thought if I added white it would make it less water looking.  I miscalculated.  The white makes it look like ripples sort of.  While I don't have the artistic ability many of these map dudes do, but I can at least make what's on the map clear. 

I've been creating these for my Patreon page.  So far I've got 9 patrons, hit my first goal, and learning the interesting things about Patreon.  Some of them glitches.  But I offer them to everyone for free.  You can copy them off the page here or go to Patreon and DL it there. But, next month the focus will be on something else.

Next month +matt jackson has gathered a bunch of mapmakers, some of the best, to donate maps and he hopes to collect enough donations to give the Wounded Warrior Project $1000.  Matt is active military and one of my best friends has been in the Marines for 28yrs, I jumped at the chance to participate in this.  In July, all money I get from Patreon is being donated to Matt's project.  Matt has his own Patreon page.  This is where all the action will be if you wish to contribute.  Just join up and you can donate as much or as little as you want and withdraw at anytime.  No risk to you.  It's a cool set up and I've enjoyed the short time I'v had with Patreon. 

For more information about the upcoming Wounded Warrior Project please head over to Matt's page.  He's got more information of what's going on.  And seriously, hook up with Matt on Patreon, even for a quarter a map, it helps.


  1. Thanks for supporting the project!

  2. Great cause. And my 28 years will come to a close in Feb of next year. I am coming home.

  3. Received a little somethin' somethin' from you in the mail today along a similar vein and it was SWEET!

  4. Received mine in the mail yesterday evening, these are very cool and exceptionally handy!