Monday, June 9, 2014

Wounded Animal

We were at it again tonight.  Monday night.  Monteport mega dungeon by +Ken H.  We've been tromping through the endless halls for over 18 months.  Many moons ago we heard the name of our enemy.  A man, we are guessing he is a man, named Elias.  The leader of a large cult of men and women who grow people for eating and we believe they are at fault for the demons we've found.

Tonight, after traipsing up and down a confusing array of stairwells, and with a big assist from a skeletal, gnome ex-queen, we found the gnomes we were here to save and Elias.  He was accompanied by three armored gaunts, a novice, and a demon cockroach.  I managed to web the armor guants then Elias wasted no time and riddle Adzeer (my dude) with 7 magic missiles.  +Chris C. charged the demon cockroach, +Rob Conley took to the walls with his Spider Climbing ring to drop behind the Elias and hope for a backstab.

We managed to kill everything except Elias.  When our 25 naked dwarves ran into the frey and he was injured by two volleys of magic missiles, Elias fireballed the room murdering 18 naked dwarves.  Our nemesis escaped to the north and teleported away.

I gloss over the battle report because I am tired and a blow-by-blow description isn't interesting.  But the game was.  Ken did an excellent job of building the tense atmosphere when we encountered Elias.  He was tough and fun to fight.  Monteport continues to prove to be an amazing place to explore.  And while Elias got away, he's very nervous now.  He knows we're coming after him and have the ability to take him out, but now he's wounded, like an animal.

And that isn't good.

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  1. Even from the terse details you gave, it sounds like a great game.