Sunday, June 1, 2014

GM Games May Sales Report

GM Games had a fantastic month of May.  Actually it was the best sales month I've ever had.  My previous record of units sold during one month was 118 set November '13.  You guys smashed the shit out of that total with 208 total sales this month.  A owe a big thanks to +Jeremy Smith for suggestion I redo my bundle print package for all six issues.  I received sixteen bundle orders, that alone accounts for 96 sales.  Thanks to everyone who ordered.  It made the month a lot of fun.

Upcoming Projects

Starter Adventures will be hitting the virtual bookshelves this month.  I have my help lined up and the tweaks are finished.  So the sooner the better. 

Manor 7 already has a few entries lined up.  Looks like this is going to be an advertisement issue so far.  And they have interesting things to sell you.

Interesting Numbers
  • Manor 6 has already sold 91 copies.  Only Manor 1 has sold more at 93, but that was over two months.  So issue 6 has a great chance has a good chance of becoming the fastest selling issue.
  • Mentioned above, GM Games has sold over two hundred units in a single months.  208 to be exact.  That is 90 better than the next closest month.
  • GM Games eclipsed 1500 total sales marker hitting 1517 this month.  And there have been 1671 free downloads of various products. 
Now onto May's numbers.

Again, thanks for a fricking awesome month. 


  1. No need to thank me, youre a class guy with great ideas. The price was so fair it almost felt like stealing. Love the zine!

    1. I appreciate the words. And I am glad you enjoy the zine. Like I've said, with all these people assisting me I have no excuse for it to suck.