Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some Zines Get Some Love'n

+Peter Schweighofer, who writes the Hobby Games Reece blog did a post today titled, Print Fanzines in the Electronic Age.  It's a very good post.  It features three OSR zines.  One of which is mine and the other two are +john yorio's Six Iron Spikes & a Small Hammer and +Nathan Irving's recent release Secrets (which he has just announced he is releasing the 2nd issue, Strange Races, and that you can pre-order it today).

Please go give it a read.  Thanks Peter, for the kind words and the awesome post.


  1. You are awesome...Have a great day.
    Mrs. Mom

  2. Thanks for the heads up about these. New 'zines ordered! Well...not the Manor. I don't think I need three copies. :-)