Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Feature: February Mythoard Looks Incredible

+Mythoard is concluding another month of subscriptions, BUT there is still time to get in on February's selection.  Subscriptions are open until the 24th, so that means grab one this weekend.

I am being completely self-centered with this, but the thing I am looking forward to reading is +Tim Callahan of Moon Dice Games, continuation off the Mythoard piece I did for the December's box.  Another Mythoard exclusive I believe that will be an on-going thing.  I can't wait to see what one of the other fellow Tims took it.  I saw some maps so that only fueled my excitement. 

Then of course there are Chessex dice, cool orange set that is being completed over a few months.  Jarrod is such a tease. 

The other stuff that is included is a mystery to me also.  I know whose included as they are listed on the Mythoard page, but no clue as what they are offering.  And that's what I like.  I like being surprised when I open the envelope.  Usually I get the mail during work, but I make sure I don;t break that seal until I get home so I can lay them out and look at it all. 

Mythoard focuses on small publishers.  There are a lot out there.  So many I can't keep up with them all, or afford to if I could.  But Mythoard lets me sample what they do.  It points me in the direction of something cool I missed.

If you hate getting cool stuff in the mail then by all means don't join.  But if you like getting cool stuff in the mail, go subscribe.  This month is looking to the best one yet.