Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Mythoard Has Arrived

If you are still waiting for yours, avert your eyes when you read this because I am showing you the full Monty.  And it is big.

Look at this...we've got dice from Chessex, a miniature and pin from +Lesser Gnome.  I recently purchased the collector's edition of Venom & Whisper and fricking rocks.  I need to take pictures of all the stuff that came with it and do a Feature Friday.  +Zach Glazar and +John Hammerle know how to put out a kick ass product.  Then we move down to the Creature Deck featuring Abberations & Magical Beasts brought to you by +Inkwell Ideas & +Joe Wetzel. I've been eyeballing these decks for a while, but never pulled the trigger on them.  These are great, look fantastic.  They came with two card protection sleeves which I admit took me a few moments to figure out.

Then a book The Powers the Be by +Bryan Steward, a supplement for Pits & Perils.  Again, another gaming item I've seen for a while, but never explored P&P.  And that's the beauty of +Mythoard, it's a buffet for you to try new things.  Bryan introduces you to a plethora of divine beings for your players to fall on bended knee and hope the blue bolt hits the next guy. 

I got two of these paper folder holder things.  I'm not sure if I was supposed to get two, but I am NOT giving mine back.  I've got a new character keeper.  +Randy M's fantastic picture is not served well by photography skills.  Great details and I think a perfect picture of an adventuring party that is a half-a-day away from being TPKed.

Inside the folder is the Brimstone Epitaph (absolutely love that name) created by from +Carl Bussler and his Stormlord Publishing.  Carl is a known entity to me.  He's one creative dude and an excellent adventure writer.  On the other side is the Mythoard newsletter to introduce all the dudes that participated this month.  I like this, it a cool touch and in addition there is a short chart of information about each contributor.

 Look what's on the back of the newsletter, a +matt jackson original.  I've not heard much about this Jackson feller, but I heard he like to do maps.  We'll see if they come to anything.  Either way it's a good start for him.  And I do enjoy that it is Tenkar's Tomb.  heh.

 +MonkeyBlood Design graces the back of the folders.  His maps are amazing.  When I grow up one day I hope to create maps as artistic. 

+Jarrod Shaw and the contributors put out an excellent sophomore edition of Mythoard.  I got new stuff from guys I already know how awesome they are and got to sample some new things I've wondered about.  I'm really hoping Mythoard only get bigger.  I'd like to see it stick around for a while.  I loved getting that envelope in the mail.  I only had a inkling of what was inside.

The only thing that sucked was I got it at work and I had to wait to dig in.