Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stone Fields of Azoroth Released

Stone Fields of Azoroth is now available on PDF at RPGNow.  I originally wrote this mini-sandbox setting as an exclusive for the beta box for Mythoard.  There the folks got a color, 3-booklet version of the it.  Last night, I received a email from Jarrod, creator of Mythoard, and he asked if I planned to sell Stone Fields.  I hadn't originally.  What Jarrod decided to do is have people expand on this mini sandbox.  With the limited release of the first Mythoard box I thought it would be good to get it into the hands of others.  To see what the other folks are working off of.  I love the idea.

For now it is available on RPGNow as a PDF.  I'll set up the Lulu PDF probably tomorrow.  Am I offering a print version?  Not at this time and I'm not sure if I will.  It would be expensive.  If I do offer it in print, it will be a limited run.  I'll know more when I do the calculation.

If you want a copy of Stone Fields of Azoroth, just hit the link.  I've priced it at $4.99.  It's made of 3-booklets and a map.
  • 20 page booklet of the Village of Bad Water
  • Map of Bad Water
  • 8 page adventure Last Temple of Praxus
  • 8 page adventure The Prison of Azoroth
If you have any question you can hit me up on Google+ or leave a comment.  I've got to thank +Jarrod Shaw for creating Mythoard and getting my psyched about writing this adventure.  It was fun to do and I look forward to working with him again.  To everyone else, enjoy the adventure.