Monday, February 2, 2015

Random Map Monday 7

This week I've been working on another project.  Yeah, I know.  I'm a poster child for gamer ADHD.  This is the Village of Offcombe.  I stole the name from an episode of Robin of Sherwood - The Swords of Wayland.  Although in the episode it's called Uffcombe, but I always heard it Offcom.  I also stole the main guy who asks the Robin Hood crew to help his village, Gareth.  I always liked the name.  But in my version Gareth is the lord over the village that is being attacked by the Endless Enemy.

Sounds fancy eh?

Anyway, to the map.  I changed out the Offcombe map a couple of times until I found one I liked.  This one made more sense to me.  The other maps had indefensible huts.  Or kindling to most invaders.  This one at least had a small keep nearby and made sense for Gareth, a fighting lord who has settled this land.

The entire adventure is done in the sepia coloring.  It gives the look I want.  Even the text is brownish in color to give it that aged feel.  Plus I have cardstock that fits the theme.  I'll scan in pictures of the working cover tonight or tomorrow.

Until next Monday, keep drawing maps!


  1. Wow, the sepia works really well. Looks great!

  2. It is as fancy a map as I've seen lately. Bravo Lord Tim!

  3. It is as fancy a map as I've seen lately. Bravo Lord Tim!

  4. Ofcom is the British government regulator for TV and radio :)