Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Game Night: What It Feels Like to be in the Know

+Rob Conley started his game last night.  We jumped back into the skins of the 5E characters that we played through the Phandelver adventure.  I give 5E props for the adventure, but they still can't hold a candle to adventuring in Rob's Majestic Wilderlands.  I am bias as hell, but I stand by my opinion.  Rob and +Douglas Cole wrote posts about last night, I'd link to them, but I am sneaking this one in my lunchtime at work.

Rob's campaigns are role-playing heavy, but you need to be able to handle yourself at the same time.  When I say handle yourself I mean you gotta know who you're pissing off.  You have to pick and chose who you go against.  There is a time and place for confrontation and you don't want to be wrong.  Like for example, last night the villagers of Phandelver took it upon themselves to clear the village of all Set/Tharian influnces. 

Quick tutorial for Majestic WilderlandsThere is Set, Father of Dragons and mainly worship by Tharians, think of them as the Romans.  On the opposing side of the coin is Mitra, The Red Maiden and she is mainly worshiped by Gynorians, think of them as Greeks or sorta kinda the English.  Either way you have an ideological clash between cultures that uses religion as a weapon.

So the villagers kicked out the Set and Tharian influences.  The problem with doing that is most of the leaders, political and military are Tharians who ally with Set.  The villagers are manning barricades with two untrained boys with pointy sticks.  Sidwin, my guy, understands the conflict, but he also understands the ramifications of their actions.

During the discussion they were arguing religion and philosophy and I was trying to make my point that trained soldiers are going to slaughter them, not giving on farthing what they think.  During the end the leader of the rebellion seemed to understand and made haste to contact allies.

Meanwhile while Sidwin is no warrior and wouldn't consider going against a trained army, you can't make money if you're dead.  Maybe if you're undead, but Sidwin doesn't like that option.  So the plan is now is to use his knowledge of superstitions, the weakness of people and his ability to manipulate the situation without the threat of disembowelment.  The plan, to create a bad omen Set worshipers would never go to war after seeing. 

This is the beauty of Rob's campaign, getting entwined with the depth of the cultures.  Using knowledge as a weapon that is rarely duplicated in other games.

It's pretty cool.


  1. Arrggghhh... I'm really sorry I missed it.

  2. Envy. Envy-Envy. Sounds awesome, like a jazz quattro "in the pocket" covering a wicked old track like Sweet Emotion.

    Congrats all around on a great new (new?) gamescape.