Monday, February 16, 2015

The Flayed King

I recently completed my 20th micro-adventure for my Patreaon page, The Flayed King.  It went through several adjustments as I wrote it and rewrote it.  Originally it was called Tullius Well.  A well constructed by the Northmen for religious ceremonies.  Originally, it was going to be a simple crypt.  A few interesting cultural tidbits to add some flavor to the undead....hmm flavor to the undead, maybe not.

But as I wrote and tinkered, rewrote and thought about it again, it was becoming a place of note.  Something or someone significant was going to be here.  I still had no clue.  That is until the last room.  I was writing in the bookstore cafe when the idea for the flayed king set upon me.  My caramel, caramel coffee drink gets those synapses revved up. 

Also included in the adventure is a cultural item that rifts off the putting coins on the eyes of the dead.  These items are more of interest to me that magical items in general.  I like the cultural connection and what it signifies to others.

Necklace of the Dead (new item) 
A Necklace of the Dead is given to a man of worth who has died.  Typically it is made of coins.  Minted on the coins are things the man enjoyed in life; weapons, ships and ale are the most common.  A necklace provides a man income to continue his adventure in his next life.
 But what would an adventure be without a little something, something.  I created an intelligent, minor artifact.  This one is not going to argue with you or compel you to do something.  The Ring of Raraek's purpose is to aid you.  To figure out what you do best and make you better.

Ring of Raraek (new minor artifact) 
Ring of Raraek is sentient, but not aligned.  It adapts to the wearer, providing two unique powers to the wearer.  Should the wearer have magical abilities, the ring may increase the potency of a spell.  For a warrior, such as Goreth, it enhances his melee prowess.  For example is has a draining burst to attackers and creates a magical two-handed sword (without the plus increase to damage or to hit).  The ring needs to be worn constantly for one month so it can decide what powers would be most beneficial.  If the ring is removed, even for a moment, the ring requires a month to reestablish its assessment.  The ring notices changes and adapts, so the abilities it provides can change over time.

I want to thank all my patrons.  While I would be doing this whether Patreon existed or not, it sure makes it exciting for me and affords a extra gaming book or art that I wouldn't have been able to have otherwise.  
You can download The Flayed King on my Patreon page.  It is free for anyone who wants a copy.  I've stylized it using sepia.  But if that's not to your liking I also have a b&w version.  In addition there is a separate GM map and a players map in case you use it on-line.   

My big goof in this adventure is the concealed door in room 5 that leads to the Flayed King's room.  It's not noted on the map as a concealed door, just a normal door.  While overall not a huge deal in the scheme of the adventure, but who wouldn't want to push the six-titted boar god to gain entry?  An opportunity not to be missed.


  1. Great title. Love these mini adventures.

  2. It sounds like you've gone over your normal level of awesome with this one.

    1. My normal level of awesome is set very low so I don't pull any muscles.

  3. Groovy. Digging that ring. And the sepia still has a hold on me!

    1. I really like the ring also. And yeah, I've been digging the sepia for the past couple of weeks.

  4. That necklace has real potential I think. There'd be a lot of discussion about what it might do, and it's hook a lot of things could be hung off, maybe even something world-crossing.

    Anyway, I thought it was that necklace that got my attention and interest, but as I read down and saw the mention of that very specific boar god, it did make me wonder what tricks the subconscious can play.