Monday, February 23, 2015

Random Map Monday 9

It's random map Monday!  Yeah, I'm not all that excited either.  Beginning of the work week, it's -10+ outside again, and I've got appointments all day with angry people.  But I got a map...

I drew this map years ago.  I have a few notepads of numbered hexes.  I like it a lot, but wish they were a wee bit fainter.  The darkness of the numbers and hexes distract from the map.

Each of those hexes is a mile.  In the center is a tower.  The gray around it is the gray desert.  It's sand is pulverized bones.  I never got around doing much with the adventure I had in mind.  I had an introduction and a title.  That was about it.

May you Monday be free of pain.  Free of pain and at least one pleasant surprise.  Me, I'll settle for not getting punched in the face today and call it a win.