Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mail Call!

Yesterday I bragged about my Mythoard haul.  What I didn't tell you is I also got a copy of The Ruins of Haunted Hill written by Patrick Bird and illustrated +Fred Dailey.  They created 50 copies Ruins of Haunted Hill for Save vs. Hunger Convention, to donate to a food bank.  Love that.

I believe it was Fred who put out the word that he had a couple copies left and asked if there were any takers.  Adventure.  Zine!  Fun.  I raised my virtual hand quickly and high.  I may have even said "ohh, ohh" a couple of times.  All they asked is to donate a fiver to a local food bank.  Since I do what I do for work I have a lot of interaction with my food bank, not only did I donate I got them two volunteers for the next couple of months.

I haven't had a chance to read through it yet.  So I can't write about the adventure itself.  However I have flipped through it and I'm now a huge fan of Fred Dailey's artwork.  Many of his pictures are breaking out of their framework giving the picture more depth, just like the cover above. 

I wanted to thank Fred and Patrick for the adventure and its made me think of acting on a charity I would like to work with.


  1. The cover looks awesome (and sometimes proverbially a killer picture is worth a thousand written encounters) and I would happily donate $20 to our local Relay for Life or Ovarian (Cancer) Awareness, with receipt for proof. Pass the dollar sign . . . -Rcik

  2. As the author of this adventure, I approve this message. ;-)

    Thanks for giving us a shout out Tim! Hope you read through it and decide that the adventure isn't too shabby either, though it can't match up to Fred's awesome artwork. It is designed to be a completely generic adventure; no stat blocks, no required skills/feats/whatever. Just a good basic adventure that anyone can easily transfer whatever rules they like into to make it work for them. And it is scaleable too. It was written to be like the old tourney style modules for first level characters, and that was how I ran it, but when Fred ran it at the convention he made it for 2nd and 3rd level characters and pumped up the opposition without any difficulty. There will be a sequel to it for the next Save vs. Hunger con this summer, and who knows? Fred may be distributing any spare copies we have far and wide afterwards. :-)

    -grin- As you say HuckSawyer, the art is easily worth more than the encounters. :-) All our remaining copies of the print version have been claimed, but we are considering ways of 'selling' it for a generous donation to a charity organization that fights hunger, though a charity that fights cancer is a cause near and dear to both Fred and I, so that would be a possibility too. :-) When/if we get the mechanics figured out, I'll likely post again with an update. :-)