Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mail Call!

Yesterday I bragged about my Mythoard haul.  What I didn't tell you is I also got a copy of The Ruins of Haunted Hill written by Patrick Bird and illustrated +Fred Dailey.  They created 50 copies Ruins of Haunted Hill for Save vs. Hunger Convention, to donate to a food bank.  Love that.

I believe it was Fred who put out the word that he had a couple copies left and asked if there were any takers.  Adventure.  Zine!  Fun.  I raised my virtual hand quickly and high.  I may have even said "ohh, ohh" a couple of times.  All they asked is to donate a fiver to a local food bank.  Since I do what I do for work I have a lot of interaction with my food bank, not only did I donate I got them two volunteers for the next couple of months.

I haven't had a chance to read through it yet.  So I can't write about the adventure itself.  However I have flipped through it and I'm now a huge fan of Fred Dailey's artwork.  Many of his pictures are breaking out of their framework giving the picture more depth, just like the cover above. 

I wanted to thank Fred and Patrick for the adventure and its made me think of acting on a charity I would like to work with.