Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lo' and Behold, the Stronghold Come'th

So there's this guy, you might know him, +Boric Glanduum.  He has this blog called The Dwarven Stronghold.  I've talked to Boric on-line now since, since, Moby Dick was just a minnow.  He's been talking about do this zine thing.  Zine, as in, cool little booklet filled with cool picture, cool articles, and cool adventures.  That kind of thing.  Well, this guy Boric release a zine today!  Bet you can't guess what it's called?!?!

Look at the beautiful cover by none other than +Jay Penn.  The dude who did all the artwork for Lovitar and did some work for me a while ago.  So Boric is not messing around, he brought in a big gun to do his art. 

I will not say I am not biased.  I completely am.  Boric is about as good a dude as you'll meet and I am a giant fan of zines.  BUT!  This one stands on its own and is very, very good.  Boric permitted me a secret back stage pass to look at what he wrote (he did not have the art at the time so I am excited to get a glance).

The articles are smart and useful.  Seriously good.  There is one on mimics that I absolutely love and will absolutely use.  Boric's very good at taking a look at a common element in game and looking at it in different ways.  It shows in this issue.  He's got a great take on finding mundane items.  The treasure found on someone is not all +5 sword of kick assdom.  He demonstrated how simple, mundane items can become something significant in game.

I won't spoil anymore of what you'll find in this print only zine.  Click the link THE STRONGHOLD and order yourself a copy.  This is another excellent entry of zines being produced by us old crusty dudes who just love to game.