Monday, March 2, 2015

New Guy for Game Night

Creating a new guy for Game Night, tonight.  Last week I wrote about Sidwin realizing he no longer belonged to the party, that they had crossed a philosophical boundary he wasn't going to cross.  So he walked away from the group to pursue what he felt needed done.

The concept of my guy changed from my initial thoughts.  Originally I planned on playing something out of the ordinary (for me at least).  A druid gnome or barbarian halfling, I don't know, something a little different. 

But, after some thought and taking the situation under consideration I am creating a reptile man gladiator.  Sounds weird, but in Rob's campaign it will fit right in.  First off, his world is populated with reptile men. They mainly keep to themselves, remaining neutral when it comes to city-state politics.  However, several of the tribes have allied themselves with Mitra's forces.

My guy was captured and thrown into the gladiatorial pits of City-State.  When the revolts began in and round the city,  he took advantage of the distraction and fought for his freedom and escaped the walls of City-State. 

He will now come across the party.  A creature racially and philosophically aligned to the fight they are fighting. 

Should be fun.  I still need to roll and write him up.