Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Demons, Adamantite Symbols, Holy Hand Gernades, Blessed Bullets and a Sherrif Named Hank

Ben Monday (played by +Ken H) and Jules Bennot (played by +Chris C.) were greeted by three people wearing gorlon masks.  Jules recognized the masks, they are soul eaters who practice necromancy, but often use other pseudo-mystical groups as camouflage.  Ben and Jules were hesitant to say anything and moved back toward the door.  One gorlons pulled out a shotgun and took a pot shot at Jules.  They escaped out the front door and into their car. 

They returned to Ben's house to allow Jules to heal.  He'd been hurt in the previous encounters.  Ben was doing research on the metal they found inside two bodies.  The metal turned out to be adamantite.  A material not of this world, used to store magic.  When he was studying the two adamantite symbols they locked together.

"Ben, what did you do? - Jules Bennot

Soon after a pair of demons crashed through Ben's upstairs windows.  Ben did not mess around and grabbed his holy hand grenade, an explosive with shrapnel, holy water packets and shards of sacramental wafers.  BOOM!  A demon struggles to move.  Jules swings around the corner and hits it again with a blessed bullet from his Saturday Night Special.  Before he could move the demon was on him, forcing itself down his throat into his ear and nose.

Ben tossed another holy hand grenade.  BOOM.  The demon on the floor and the one that was attack Jules were both hit.  Jules managed to grab the vial of holy water in his pocket and dowse the demon.  Both died.  Jules was struggling to stay concision.  His wounds even worse.

They deduct the symbols are acting like beacons.  They needed to act fast even though both were in bad shape.  They decided to go to Rose, the minister with the blessed ammunition.  She gave them coffee and asked what caliber they wanted.  Restocked with holy ammunition, they decided to head to the Beckett House.

In their studies they discovered there are six symbols.  Three they destroyed.  Two were in people they melted.  On the way, the car was attacked by a demon.  Again Jules was wounded.  And as the concluded the fight with the demon, Hank the sheriff, pulled up.

"Ben.  Jules.  Stop this now.  Drop your gun." - Hank

"I squirt him." - Ben

"Could you be more specific?" - Me

"With my super soaker." - Ben

Ben couldn't hit water if he fell out of a fucking boat.   Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn even if he was inside.  He missed.  Jules got frustrated.

"I get into the car and run the motherfucker over." - Jules

Jules runs over Hank.  Ben whips out his super soaker and melts Hank.  They find the sixth symbol.  Jules is nearly unconscious.   But they continue on to the Beckett House.  They get jacked up on a special concoction that will allow them to go a little longer.  

Ben and Jules stand in front of the Beckett House, armed and jacked up on drugs ready to fight demons and close a portal to hell.

Session ends.

Next week: Assault on Beckett House!