Monday, April 13, 2015

Random Map Monday 15

I drew this one on Friday.  I liked how it turned out overall.  I added a new map element and that is a stone damn.  That's what that black thing is going across the creek.  It's made up of dozens of tiny circles.  I didn't have any ideas when I drew this map, but once it was done I thought of how this would be a two house homestead.  A harsh father with five sons who hones them into fighters.  He himself was a champion of the arena and now he expects nothing less from his sons.  That's about all I got.  Not sure how the damn or creek or pond work into it yet.

I had a sale on Starter Adventures (print version) over the weekend at Lulu.  I'd matched their 30% off with my own.  Seven people took advantage of the sale.  I was hoping for a few more, but that was seven more sales than I got the month before.  heh.  I need to get back to doing my monthly sales reports.  It helped me keep track.

This week I've got gaming nights on Monday and Wednesday.  Looking forward to the aftermath of slaughtering the people in charge and burning down their pretty keep.