Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Without a Plan, the Keep Burned, the Party Lives and the Revolution Just Got Serious

Last night our Monday night gaming group's siege of a keep came to a semi conclusion.  +Douglas Cole's optimistic title, The Siege Ends goes into way more detail than I will.  I play an ex-gladiator named Leshar, a lizardman.  There is a connection to +Rob Conley's historical background to his game, but I won't go into that.

I can't tell you how bad I need this shirt.

Leshar found himself in a burning keep and last session he found the wife of the (now dead) sheriff, and other female members of his family.  Leshar, while he posed it as they were hostages, he was making sure they got out of the keep.  If he could parlay that into the knight surrendering, well that wouldn't be horrible.

A cool cinematic moment during play was when Leshar opened up the keep's double doors, flames erupted between Leshar and the knight and his men.  The women around Lashar.  I thought it be a very intimidating scene.  But I failed my intimidation roll, even with advantage.  They attacked.  I said oh, shit.

Leshar was outnumbered and out leveled.  However, he used his riposte to great effect and his high strength shredded through the first couple victims.  But there were too many, including the main knight, son of the (now dead) sheriff.  But then something wonderful happened.  Arrows.  Arrows from three different locations along the keep walls.  Some how our party, which we were all separate managed to take up positions to break their moral as arrows fell from the sky.

Still Leshar and the knight fought.  The knight believed he'd freed his family.  I did stop them even though I could have killed them at any time.  I wanted to get them to safety.  Which I did, but now the knight thought he had a higher morale ground and pressed his attack.


I was wounded and not rolling well.  I tried to grapple on my turn and failed the first two attempts.  I could incapacitate him, stopping his two attacks.  I had 7hp remaining.  On my 3rd attempt I grabbed the boy knight and held tight.  He failed to break free.  I walked him over to the room where the fire raged and tossed him in. 

His scream was cut short as his lungs vaporized in the heat. 

Leshar, bloodied and burned, walked out of the keep as the fire raged around him, raised his sword to the world and felt that old rush from his days in the arena, "Who's next?"