Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When Lizardman Gladiators Go Bad: From Behind the Lizardman's Eyes

by BKMcDevitt - bkmcdevitt.deviantart.com
Monday Night, Game Night.  Another session to play my lizardman gladiator, Leshar.  The title would suggest that Leshar is sometimes good.  Not so much, but let's pretend that is possible.

We opened the session by being told to stop fighting by another, higher level, group of adventurers who waited in the shadows.  They tossed a fireball in the middle of battle to get our attention.  Leshar was not impressed.  What followed was a lot of talking.  Leshar listened as we forfeited everything we had fought for.  We slaughtered the sheriff, his son, most of the guards, a batch of Set priests, and a myrmidon.  We burned down the keep.  We saved the imprisoned Mitrians.  We rallied the townsfolks to stand up for themselves.  Then the Twilight Company throws I fireball and we hand them everything...

Leshar has no plans of staying.  Most of the people that needed to be killed were dead already.  Time to move on since killing is what he does...not talk.  But Leshar was disgusted by simply handing it over.  The party woke the next morning.  More talking.

Leshar goes hunting.  Asks if any Settites were still alive.  They said something about miners led by a guy named Henry.  Found out where Henry was staying.  Went to the tavern with Vougner.  Leshar yells out "Henry!"  Man looks up.  Leshar smiles and attacks.  Henry goes down.  One of his men goes down.  The third pisses himself and falls to his knees.

We leave the tavern.  One of the Twilight Company is waiting.  Asked what we were doing.  We exchange nicities and agree we do not like each other.  Again, more talking.  Leshar accepts challenge to fight, but Vougner manages to put Leshar is a headlock and drag him away.  Leshar like Vougnar.  Kill Twilight Company another time.  Will give them a good death.  Glorious death.

Return.  More talking.  Leshar wonders if all the words they ay mean anything.  They talk about attacking a dragon.  Leshar laughs.  Stupid.  Leshar try to tell them about dragons.  They not listen.  But go along because they finally want to fight.  It takes six men to attack one woman apparently.

The Vougner says something about Glassstaff.  Glass breaks easy.  Not sure what the big deal is.  We surround woman's hut.

End of session.

It was an interesting night.  My participation was minimal, but I think I set the tone for Leshar and how I planned to continue to play him.  While he is agreeable to the party's overall goal, he's got his own ideas on how to achieve them.  Makes it fun.