Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Manor, Issue 8 - Sneak Peek

I've been plugging away at issue 8 of The Manor.  This issue has a great feature article from +Douglas Cole and +Peter V. Dell'Orto.  They've created a very usable system for Old School Grappling.  Also included in this issue is +trey causey who has a Strange Stars entry.  It is the first 'sci-fi' entry in the Manor.  And finally I'll have two pieces sandwiched in between this cover... 

Here's a sneak peek at the cover.  This is a mock-up for now.  The artwork is by +John Larrey.  I'm going to finalize what the cover looks like by this weekend, but this is pretty close as what the cover will look like.

In a week or two I hope to have the final piece in place and ready to go to the proofreaders.  This is going to be another fun issue. 


  1. Any news on the Compilations of The Manor?

  2. Very much looking forward to seeing this one in print.

  3. Are you accepting art submissions, Tim?