Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Map Monday 14 (Just Under the Wire)

I think I prefer doing Random Map Mondays after work than before.  I am so negative otherwise.  He's one of the most recent maps I drew.  I went through a drought the other week and couldn't get myself to draw.  Then over the holiday weekend I drew four.

This one I went with the more textured trees.  Or sometimes I call them my 'brain trees'.  Instead of the blob trees.  A simple creek running through, some steep hills with colors contour line and a broken up building.  Oh, and a broken road.

I used this map in my latest Patreon, it is called Old Sloculm Road.  It's an out of the way place.  A road that once connected a kingdom that no longer exists.  This map spoke to me right away.  Told me what it wanted to be.  Here's the end result.

I used Xara to add the white backing to the labels to make them pop more.

When I go on Google+ and look at all the amazing maps people are doing, I mean some of these guys are absolute artists, and hope my maps add to the whole.  A little pontificating before sleep.