Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Map Monday 14 (Just Under the Wire)

I think I prefer doing Random Map Mondays after work than before.  I am so negative otherwise.  He's one of the most recent maps I drew.  I went through a drought the other week and couldn't get myself to draw.  Then over the holiday weekend I drew four.

This one I went with the more textured trees.  Or sometimes I call them my 'brain trees'.  Instead of the blob trees.  A simple creek running through, some steep hills with colors contour line and a broken up building.  Oh, and a broken road.

I used this map in my latest Patreon, it is called Old Sloculm Road.  It's an out of the way place.  A road that once connected a kingdom that no longer exists.  This map spoke to me right away.  Told me what it wanted to be.  Here's the end result.

I used Xara to add the white backing to the labels to make them pop more.

When I go on Google+ and look at all the amazing maps people are doing, I mean some of these guys are absolute artists, and hope my maps add to the whole.  A little pontificating before sleep.


  1. Cool map. It seems to me that you know more about what you want to do with your maps.The labels are very clear but the font seems a bit modern for my pseudo medieval European taste.

  2. I agree Jason. I think the font is more for high school varsity letters, but the strange thing when I was going through the fonts I kept coming back to it (Autumn is the name of the font). So instead of fighting it I went with it. But I agree, a bit too modern, but very readable.