Monday, December 7, 2009

The Majestic Wilderlands Unleashed

Most have heard already that my good friend Rob Conley, over at Bat in the Attic, has released Supplement VI, the Majestic Wilderlands. The blurb "Contained in this book are the background and rules used in a campaign thirty years in the making," is not hyperbole. I've had the honor of participating in Rob's Majestic Wilderlands for the past 25 years and I know he was running it for years before we started gaming together. If you are looking for a sandbox campaign this is it. This is the supplement you should get.

The Majestic Wilderlands is as rich a campaign world as you will find. One of Rob's strength's is his extensive knowledge of history and having the ability to adapt that historical knowledge into a playable and interesting culture, situation or event. He does this by putting his own spin on things and allows players to change outcomes. He allows the players the make history. Many of the cultures that are detailed in his book are because of his players wanting to do something different or wanted more information on how this part of society works. It's rare to find a GM who does not let his ego get in the way when players seek a change.

And if this amazing world wasn't enough Rob, as most of you know, is one of the best cartographers out there. His maps are fantastic. Above my writing desk where I do most of my work on gaming and write this blog are two beautiful maps of Rob's creation. One is a colored map of City-State and the other is a 4'x3' map of the surrounding campaign world. Any map you get from Rob is always top quality.

Here are some hard stats of Supplement VI, the Majestic Wilderlands:
This little powerhouse is 140 pages.
5 classes of Fighting Men.
6 classes of Magic Users. All with their own unique casting abilities and a ritual system.
5 classes of Rouges.
A detailed section on clerics.
A section on professional classes.
13 playable races described.
Sections on skills, monsters, magic items and combat.
This is all in the first 85 pages.
Brief descriptions of the campaign area.
Then finishes up with 22 cultures and religions.

I think I have spouted off enough about Rob's virtues. Honestly, I think Supplement VI, the Majestic Wilderlands is an incredible addition to the OSR and to gaming in general. Rob, I wish you the best of luck and success with this product. I know how hard he worked on it. It took thirty years to create it so maybe its influence will last twice as long. I can't wait to see what the print version looks like.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Tim looking forward to running the next campaign with you in it.