Monday, September 6, 2010

Game Night & Other News

Another Game Night comes to an end. No, Ashling did not turn anyone else into a sea creature. We cleared out the hill fort, a group of ogres and some gray ooze proved to be the most challenging tonight. Ashling nearly died by friendly fire. Other than that the hill fort is ours. That was the easy part. Now comes that second stage of the game I spoke about in an earlier post.

So the hill fort has all the creepy crawler, cultists, and critters out. We need to rebuild it. Which we will need workers. Which we will need the guilds' permission. It will require the rulers of Gormia to know what is going on, which will have us standing in front of nobility that will demand things of us we will more than likely not want to give. So we are thinking of alternative plans. Ones that suit our needs better.

As far as game nights it was very mild. Not too many snarky comments. We ended early with a cliff hanger.

Other News:
Gave my adventure, Knowledge Illuminates, to the others to give it the once over. With the three of them going over it I feel pretty good all my dumb stuff will be found and excavated. Then it will be given to my wife for the old line edits. She is Zorro with a red pen. I am looking for a few simple art pieces to add. Rob completed the maps. Will need to do a few tweaks, but they look great. I'm looking to put this adventure out in the beginning of October, RPGNow and Lulu. Right now the prices look to be $4 for the PDF and $8 for the print copy. It's coming in around 14 pages right now. I'm not expecting giant sales, but I plan to do this. I've got two more in the hopper pretty much done. So prepare to be bothered by me talking about them a little more.

Also, like Rob, I plan on letting you know what the sales are in print and PDF. I think its interesting information and I like to hear that kind of stats I will bore you with them. If anyone has any questions ahead of time please drop me a line. Having this Monday off was a huge bonus. Enjoy the rest of week folks.

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