Sunday, December 12, 2010

Game Night with the Wife

Last night I ran my wife through a small adventure using Swords & Wizardry.  I had her roll two characters.  Her first character was named Diana Prince, the other Jaime Sommers.  Wonder Woman, I meant Diana was a magic-user and the Bionic Woman, err, Jaime was a fighter.  After a several minute distraction of who would win in an arm wrestling contest (Of course Jaime would be using her bionic arm) we got into the game. 

Well almost.  It took a bit of verbal acrobatics to explain the magic system.  Being flooded with visions of Harry Potter, Gandulf and a handful of TV mages whipping out spells left and right it was tough to tell her she got one spell to start with.  That didn't go over to well.  Then to top it off I had to tell her she couldn't wear armor.  I explained this is why I had her roll up a fighter character.

After buying armor, weapons and equipment we started into the adventure.  Since she was playing two elven females I made Amazonian type village on the fly.  The adventure started with one of the other female villagers running from a rabid wolf.  Jaime ran out of her home and launched a spear at the wolf killing it easily.  What she didn't expect was the wolf transformed into a goblin.

Diana recognized the ritual markings on the goblin, a member of the Black Foot tribe, a tribe that they had a treaty with for several years.  The leader of the village asked Jaime and Diana to go to the tribe and see what has happened.  The trip would take the better part of the day.  Ivy decided to leave now and arrive at the goblins just before nightfall. 

As she travelled through the forest a group of three goblin zombies came out of the trees.  Her initially volley, spear and two darts missed.  One dart did damage to one of the zombies.  Two of the goblin zombies engaged with Jaime and one hit (she had an AC of 18) and did maximum damage.  Second round, Jaime hit with her axe killing the wounded zombie.  At this time there was some discussion why her sleep spell wouldn't work against these undead.  She argued she was only allowed one spell and now her spell was no good.  When the zombies attacked they rolled very well and putting both Jaime and Diana down for the count.

Our after game discussion about what happened was good.  She enjoyed herself.  I am still getting her used to what dice are what, the general mechanics of the game and how to play the game.  Next time I will have her roll up two more characters, a cleric and a thief so she has a full party.  She already has their names picked out, Kelly Garrett and Nancy Drew. 


  1. Ahhh, the joys of introducing a neophyte to gaming.

    Fortunately, my wife was a Rifts(!) veteran, so her training wheels were already off, so to speak. :)

  2. Neat story. I like your adventure idea, so far. I can definitely see how people not used to games would not be happy with first level characters. Maybe give them a level bump to 3 or so, so they are more what she is expecting.

  3. "Being flooded with visions of Harry Potter, Gandulf and a handful of TV mages whipping out spells left and right it was tough to tell her she got one spell to start with. That didn't go over to well."

    Oh my gosh! My sons have that same issue with D&D. I want to find an easy-to-play system that emulates Potter style magic so that they can get their Hogwarts on.

    Knowing the Happy Whisk, I'm betting that you had some yummy snacks to go with your game.

  4. She should have proposed an arm-wrestling contest, then ripped the arms off of the zombies. Problem solved!

  5. Really a nice post, Tim. My girlfriend used to play some years ago, I hope I can bring her back.

  6. See, none of that 1 spell BS in Errant. :)

    I was pretty surprised recently when I told my wife that I was thinking about playing online tabletop. She wants to play! She said that playing it online would remove the social pressure she feels at the table to talk in funny voices and compete with others for speaking time.