Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Frog Remains the Same

This is not much of a gaming post.  Actually it has nothing to do with gaming.  But it is inspired by another gamer, Christian over at Destination Unknown.  Seeing him working on his yard, messing with compose and always painting over tags on his wall.  So this was my day.  A few pictures of what I did and a few very cool pictures of my backyard.  I sometimes bitch about where I live then I take some photos, look at them and think what a beautiful place.  Anyway today was spent giving The Whisk a reading haven and a place to grow her spices.  I apologize for some of the picture sizes, but I wanted to get clear pictures.

I had to sand down some of the boards.  A lot of the boards.  I probably should have sanded the entire deck, but I didn't. 
A side view of my deck.  Those little posts in between are a pain in the ass to stain.  And you get a little sneak preview of our backyard.
This is the view The Whisk will have when she comes out onto her new reading haven.  Beautiful eh?  We bought some chairs the other day so now all I need to do it get to staining.
Oh yeah, here that scary ass frog.  I don't care that it is carrying a rose and has a little basket.  There is something very wrong with it.

I was out there staining for nearly 7 hours with an hour of sanding.  I had my iPod on listening to a soundtrack of Seether, Tom Waits, Ravenettes, Radiohead, some 50s tunes (for some reason 50s music is made for the summertime) Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Gnarls Barkley and many others.  I love my iPod.  Then I had a little heat stroke, but after nurse Whisk made me drink some nasty ass cherry juice I was up and staining again.  Here is the end result.
Deck is all stained.  If you were walking up my deck stairs this is what it would look like.  Don't step on the little inch worm to the right of the top step.  And in the back you can see the scary ass frog between the slats.
This is a view if you got drunk on my back deck and fell down.  But it still looks good from down here.
Again, those slats were a pain in the ass to stain, but I think it looks great.  This section is where the chairs and table will go.  And then on the railing imagine a couple of herb gardens.  Our kitchen is connected with the deck by a sliding glass door.  So if she feels like whipping up one of her concoctions she can just walk out onto the deck and get what she needs.  But I was thinking while I was staining that if we were attack by zombies these would make a lousy defense. 
And a couple pictures as the sun was setting.  With all the rain we've had everything is like green on steroids. 
I need to mow again.
And back to the scary ass frog.  Through out the day of staining and music and heat stroke and zombie attacks the frog remains the same.


  1. How did you know I was painting graffiti today. My wall got tagged again!

    I am going to borrow that frog of yours. He will swallow the souls of the gang members who keep defacing my place.

    Mmmm....souls are good. Ribbit!

    Kudos on the staining. Very well done, sir!!!

  2. Fantastic job: my wife can only dream of being married to so handy a husband!

    By the way? The frog is FANTASTIC, and totally makes the whole post. It's like some bloated, grotesque deity that watches over your whole back-forty. Look at that smug and arrogant expression. The rose? It's not a gift for you, it's tribute from one of his worshippers.

    I am totally using your toad as the inspiration for a new adventure. In fact, you should make it a challenge to ALL your readers to design an adventure incorporating the thing...either as a symbol, or artifact, or statue, or trap, or SOMEthing.
    : )

  3. Love it! Best Hubby ever. Headed to make you another batch of brownies.


  4. That Frog is totally Wicked!

  5. Nice deck and backyard. The frog on the other hand... is well... creepy.

  6. Looks great, and I would love to have a deck and a view of trees.. Lucky man! So are you going to paint that big fat no so mini?

  7. Christian > You can borrow it any time you like to gobble up the pinheads who keep tagging your wall.

    JB > lol I may just do that. I like it.

    Whisk > Yes I am.

    James > It is wicked. Still freaky.

    Zanazaz > Deck is great when the wind blows through its fantastic. The frog is very creepy.

    ze > It is pretty nice having it. It will look great once we get everything we want out there. As for painting the frog I think I would get some bad mojo all over me if I did. So the frog will remain the same.

  8. Good job there, Tim, and all hail the Toad God!

  9. Surely the zombies still have enough residual humanity in their rotten zombie brains to fear the frog, so I wouldn't worry too much about your defences.

  10. Too late, Tim...already doing my own contest.
    ; )

  11. Gorgeous garden and a great post. The frog certainly sets the mind racing..!

  12. I've had a certain Zeppelin song rattling around in my head for the past several days.

  13. All praise the Frog God! (a 20-page digest-sized module featuring your grotesque garden deity)